The Owners Marvin Rust and March McKinlay have both been in the non-emergency medical transportation since 2009 for Marvin and 2010 for March. March worked for a local business that had two wheelchair vans that were not being use except for three trips a week. March started driving the wheelchair van and was asked by other people if they could use the wheelchair service. March tuck the business from the two wheelchair vans to 5 vans in two years. Marvin worked for a business that did wheelchair transportation and home health care, the business was sold, and Marvin worked for that company until he came to work for Extra Mile Transportation.

March started Extra Mile Transportation with three other people to be able to have more flexibility with the cost and the one on one transportation for the people in wheelchairs. Unfortunately, March had to close Extra Mile Transportation. Marvin was working for March at Extra Mile and they had an opportunity to purchase 3 other Wheelchair van, so they Opened Ramp It Up Transportation in December 2016.

Marvin and March both have the same philosophy that every customer is to be treated with respect and kindness no matter who they are.